Analytically Evaluation of Bose-Einstein Type Integral by the Binomial Series Expansions
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Author : Melek GÖKBULUT  , Şeyda AŞCI  
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Printing Year : 2022
Number : 2 (1)
Page : 1-5


Bose-Einstein integral; Binomial series expansions; Gamma function

The Bose-Einstein integral functions are important because they arise in various numerical calculations of different domains of physics. In this study, using the Binomial expansion theorem an analytical formula was developed that allows the Bose-Einstein integral for states η < 0 to be calculated without resorting to numerical integration of whole and half integer integrals. The results obtained were compared with the results of the literature and it was seen that they were in agreement.

Bose-Einstein integral; Binomial series expansions