Stability Analysis of Lines Selected from a Barley Landrace under Rainfed Conditions
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Author : Nejdet KANDEMİR    
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Printing Year : 2022
Number : 2 (1)
Page : 6-11



The evaluation of stability and genotype-environment interaction are some of the most important ways to evaluate the performance of lines within a population across environments. The aim of the present study was to evaluate some purelines selected from a barley landrace along with cv. Tokak 157/37 under different environments. Seven field trials with different rainfall characteristics were conducted to investigate the grain yield stability levels of the lines. Correlation coefficients were calculated between the grain yields and the amount of precipitation at planting-harvesting period, and stability analyzes were performed. Average grain yields of the lines selected from Tokak landrace varied between 3.30 (Lines 56 and 228) and 3.95 t/ha (Line 207). All genotypes had significant correlations of r = 0.714-0.942 between seasonal precipitation and grain yields. Lines 64 and 228 had clearly higher correlation coefficients than others, but they had quite low average yields across the environments and do not offer any specific advantage for low or high yielding environments. On the other hand, Line 50 did not have the highest average grain yield but its relatively high correlation coefficient between precipitation and grain yield makes this line a promising one for the environments with higher yield potential. The most stable lines with above the average grain yields were Lines 207 and 50. Lines 207 and 50 had higher yields and higher stability in the studied environments compared to others. Line 207 had a relatively higher level of correlation coefficient between grain yield and seasonal precipitation, and its overall yield average was higher than that of Line 50, indicating promising yield potential for the conditions that can produce higher grain yields than the ones evaluated in the present study. Thus, the findings showed the potential of landraces to harbor beneficial gene alleles for variable growing conditions including the environmental stress environments.

Hordeum vulgare, grain yield, correlation, purelines, local genotypes