Evaluation of Farmers' Knowledge Level in Pesticide Use: The Case of Central District of Yozgat Province
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Author : Merve Ayyıldız  , Zehra Meliha Tengiz, Bekir Ayyıldız  
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Printing Year : 2023
Number : 3 (2)
Page : 12-20



In recent years, the economic return of pesticides as well as their negative effects on the environment and human health have been discussed. Ensuring sustainability in agriculture is possible with an increase in production and a decrease in environmental destruction. In particular, the conscious use of pesticides by farmers is very important in terms of both the environment and human health. This study aimed to measure the level of knowledge and sensitivity of farmers towards the use of pesticides. The main material of the study consists of primary data obtained through a questionnaire from farmers engaged in plant production in the Central District of Yozgat province. The sample volume was determined as 90 using the simple random sampling method. According to the findings, the majority of the farmers in the region used chemical pesticides in agricultural control, and they used herbicides more than pesticides for diseases and pests. Although 56.7% of the farmers stated that they had sufficient knowledge about pesticides, it was observed that they did not pay enough attention to the use and purchase of pesticides. Trainings on pesticide use affect the conscious use of pesticides. The fact that the majority of the farmers used pesticides based on their own experience made wrong practices inevitable. On the other hand, it can be stated that the economic concerns of the farmers and their desire to earn more income took precedence over their attitudes and behaviors towards the environment and human health. In this context, in order to ensure an accurate and effective use of herbicides, there is a need for improvements in training and consultancy services carried out by the relevant institutions and organizations for farmers, as well as market regulations in pesticide prices. In addition, provision of the pesticides based on prescriptions by experts, not on declaration by farmers, could increase the effectiveness of pesticide use.

Pesticides, Pesticide use, Farmer awareness