Feed Quality Parameters of Silage Corn Cultivars in Mus Ecological Conditions


The present study was carried out to determine the feed quality of some silage corn cultivars in 2020-2021 years. Fourteen silage corn cultivars belonging to different FAO maturity groups were used. Field trials were conducted in a farmer’s field in Muş province of Turkey. Average acid detergent fiber content, neutral detergent fiber content, crude protein content, digestible dry matter ratio, dry matter consumption and relative feed value quality parameters of the cultivars used in the study were examined, and significant differences were observed for these parameters. According to the two-year results of the study, the average average acid detergent content of cultivars was 34.46%, the neutral detergent fiber content was 59.92%, the crude protein content was 10.16%, dry matter consumption was 62.88%, dry matter consumption was 2.05 and relative feed value was 100.5%. In terms of all quality parameters examined in the study, cv. Pioneer 1570 was in the highest statistical groups and came to the forefront in Muş. According to the results of the study, in terms of the quality parameters, cv. Pioneer 1570 could play an important role in meeting the quality parameters required by a good quality forage for the region.

Forage, Acid detergent fiber FAO maturity group, Relative feed value, Dry matter consumption,